Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Welcome, my delicious friends!

This is an exciting day, fellow eaters! Welcome to my blog! I am delighted you arrived. We're going to eat well together, I can tell already.
So why are we here? Excellent question. Here's why I'm here:
I love to eat. Really love it. I might be a *teensy* bit obsessed... for me, eating is a way to celebrate good things, a way to honor where I come from (cheesesteak, anyone? how about a porkchop with saurkraut?), an opportunity to understand people and cultures, and a way to heal. Did you know a steaming bowl of pho cures heartbreak? Totally true. I realized it's time for me to share the love, along with the super-nerd sized database of food/dining wisdom (ok, opinion) between my ears.
Why are you here?
Beats me. Who are you, anyway? Hmmm, maybe we're friends, or you're hungry. Perhaps you've got some excellent food wisdom to share, or you're bored at work. You might have questions like, Why is cooking fish so scary? Why did America freak out over carbs? What should I make for dinner on date #3, something sexy that won't slow things down, if you know what I mean?
Oh my.
Hey, you got questions, I got answers. Or I know where to find them.

Welcome to the table.

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