Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Philly Love Poem #18

for Kate Flannery

Shall I compare thee to a bag of Utz?
Thou art more salty with potato crunch.
Rough winds may shake an ex-pat Philly clutz
When Lay's chips are what we are forced to munch
Sometime too hot the eye of L.A. shines,
And oft' is Philly's finest dinner ruin'd;
As every mile from home cheesesteaks decline,
By chance or moron's cooking style untrimm'd:
But thy eternal add-i-tude shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that "Yo" thou owest;
Nor L.A. brag you a lollipop-head babe,
When in eternal love to scrapple thou grow'st:

My sweets I'll ship, which should arrive day three,
My heart I send, my TastyKakes for thee.


D Miller said...

No greater sorrow a woman knows
Craving Tastycakes but
Faced with Ho Hos.

Lacking Fall's color
No Iggles or Rita's
CA or PA, which coast's duller?

Ah, no it's freedom that matters,
Your own heart to explore--
Trying strange platters!

We'll ship the cakes,
Read blogs and write letters.
Tho you'll prosper, please avoid quakes.

Sorry, Tory ... You started it!

Tory Davis said...

Wait... could this be an ode from Donna Miller of my youth?
Your poem is great!!! I am very very touched, thank you for your clever wit and kind words.
Hey, do you need my address for shipping those TastyKakes?

D Miller said...

While there are many new ways to communicate, we still need the Pony Express to ship quality junk food. So what'll it be? Juniors? Tandytakes? Kremies?

Tory Davis said...

Butterscotch Krimpets and Peanut Butter Kandykakes are my two great loves, though we have grown apart. *sniff*