Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a Cook Wants, 6

A Mug to Drink That Fine Coffee Out Of

Ok, so very few people actually need another mug, I acknowledge that. However, I love these mugs from Pantone, the fascinating color company. They're like a Rorschach test for how you see someone, but with color. Or, if you lean towards the East, you could give them out according to the chakra color that feels right (yes, I've been doing a lot of yoga). These are sold as a set, but a lot of museum and hip home stores are selling them individually.
(In case you're wondering, I'm drawn to the grape, royal blue and red. What do you think it means?)
Set of ten Whitbread Wilkinson mugs under license from Pantone, $128. Give them as a set, or take care of ten gifts at once.

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