Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What a Cook Wants. 5

Ridiculously Good Coffee

This coffee is in the category of affordable luxury. The folks at Intelligenstia are the best sort of coffee fiends, they're in it to win it and just as OCD as our good friends at Cook's Illustrated magazine. I like these types: they obsess so I don't have to.
If you have a coffee lover in your life this is an economical way to delight them, plus an easy way to be the belle of the ball at any sort of holiday gift swap you attend. I'd suggest starting with the house blend, it's bright, slightly fruity with notes of chocolate and perfectly balanced. $14 might seem like a lot for a pound of coffee, but it's cheaper than an espresso machine!
Intelligentsia House Blend coffee, $14 per pound. It's worth it to go to the page simply to check out the choice of grinds. There are 14 options. Sweet.

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