Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Defense of Cheap Ice Cream

In this glorious gelato rennaissance, pinkberry madness, and age of super-premiun ice cream, I will take a decidedly low-brow stance in defense of cheap frozen treats. *gasp* I know, I know, what kind of food snob goes to bat for neon green, metallic-tasting mint peppered with waxy chocolate shards that taste how they look: brown? I'll tell you: the very best of food snobs. Or maybe I'm just a foodie, no need to add the snob?

Dear reader, fellow eater, how can we know light if we never stumble through the dark? How can we feel soaring joy if we don't wail over bitter loss? I would argue it is impossible to taste the ecstasy of the most delicate, sensuous black currant-tarragon gelato (created by an emissary of the Goddess herself, more on that later) if we have not first contemplated the cool creaminess and bracing minty edge of a thin paper cup full of .99¢ Rite Aid hot pink peppermint ice cream.

So thank you, cheap pink peppermint sugar rush. Without you, I would not feel the vast expanse of joy that rises when I'm blessed by heaven's coolest confections.


M. C. Valada said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of Thrifty's Praline-Pecan ice cream, which I would just as soon order as the BR Pralines 'n' Cream. My husband favors Chocolate Malted Crunch.

But for a hot fudge sundae or a root beer float, give me an ultra-premium French vanilla any day.

Graciela said...

Thrifty ice cream rules! No matter how many "gourmet" ice creams I try, their mint chip will always be my favorite.

Tory Davis said...

I knew there were more of us out there!