Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Ice Chest Cometh

I have a confession, dear reader: my freezer froze shut, and it made my life unmanagable! Oh sure, I was in denial for a while (who needs ice cubes? it's not summer), but then last week my friend LeeAnn called in a crisis: the compressor in her fridge had blown, could she borrow some fridge and freezer space until tomorrow? Alas, I had only fridge space to share, there was no getting into the icebox. How humiliating.
Though shame is usually an obstacle to growth, in this situation I found it very motivating. Yesterday I attacked that sucker, finally!, and though it took forever and ever and ever (good thing this is a slow week, jeez), I'm delighted to report I enjoyed some very cold ice cubes in my drink last night. I also discovered a gorgeous dorado filet my friend Brendan brought back from a fishing expedition. There are rewards to cleaning up.
Here is the freezer at its worst:

Thank goodness I still have my hairdryer from 1989.

The first time I defrosted this ridiculous appliance, I noticed instructions on the inside of the freezer door, "Never Use Sharp-Pointed Instruments To Remove Frost." Wait, you mean like a knife? I bet that would work really well...

Hey look! I own corn!

Wow, it was mostly frost and ice in there. Looks kind of foreboding (don't worry, this doesn't end with anyone's pinky emerging from the ice, though it would be more exciting. If only I were a Soprano.)

Only in L.A. do many apt.s not come with a fridge. I think it's due to the general food phobia (Oh my god, will that make me fat?), and the competitive nature of housing here. When I moved in, my landlords informed me that the fridge came with the place, but when it died I would have to replace it. sigh. I'm trying to make it last a little longer. We'll see. I think it's older than my dad.
Anyway, I read that putting in a pot of boiling water speeds the process...

When did I buy popsicles?

And if 1 pot works well, I bet 2 would be twice as nice.

Ohh! That speeds things up! Can you see the steam? Cool.

Who has unexpressed rage?

So many chunks of frost

Ewww, this is all the dirty melted ice water

And finally, here is the finished space! Look, there's lots of food!

I celebrated by buying a frozen pizza to store in there, but that didn't work out so well because I ate it.

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M. C. Valada said...

Buying a new refrigerator to replace something like this is actually wonderful. We got rid of my husband's ancient gold-color inefficiency and bought a shiny, Dutch-door with bottom freezer and ice-maker two years ago. People coo to it when they come in our kitchen--it inspires envy.

Then the compressor for the fridge died the Friday before Thanksgiving and two weeks after our 1st anniversary with the machine. Fortunately, we had an extended warranty, but we did have to buy a spare fridge and use every available ice chest to make it through the holiday. We were without it for almost three weeks, not a lovely experience. All is fine now.