Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Spring!

I celebrated Easter (named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Dawn, Eastre) by having my friend Ruth over for brunch. Because in my heart is a magical 7-year-old girl, we also dyed Easter eggs. Here are mine:

I enjoy making art that serves no purpose. The last month and a half I've been in achieve-mode, not a state I recommend. It's exhausting. Sunday was truly a day of rest, what a treat to eat homemade waffles with sliced strawberries, drink lavendar tea, zone out with pretty colors and hang with one of my peeps... heck, I even ate some Peeps. But not Ruth.

And I like eggs, they're an innately hopeful food. Eggs symbolize the promise of new life, purity and innocence, and an elegant dinner in about three minutes (omelet, anyone?). I can get into that holiday.

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