Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Food Just Tastes Better in SoCal

Look at the latest wonders from my Cooking Club's Greek Feast:

(That's my roasted cauliflower hummus in the middle there, lord it was lovely.)
What I'd like to point out to my readers elsewhere in the country is that this photo was taken outside. In March. Do you see the gentle sunshine? The comfy lawn chairs? Every time I miss living with seasons, the ebb and flow of nature that reminds me time is moving, I remember if I were almost anywhere else I'd be shivering and forced to wear a hat (which I hate, too many winter hats forced on me as a child).
Eating food in the sunshine makes it taste better, and in LA we can do it most days of the year. Not that I'm trying to convince you to move to LA... but look at the flatbread Nina made (from scratch! bakers amaze me) that we grilled:

Tell me this isn't the good life here~ I don't know how I got so lucky. Join me, friends. It's a big table.


Rachel A. said...

Ok, I officially miss LA now. And YOU, dear friend. It is bitterly cold here, a cruel joke after two days of spring spring spring. The poor daffodils and hyacinths are regretting their early upthrust, and I am regretting turning off the heat. I love your blog - your voice is so distinct and I feel as though we are hiding in the test kitchen, escaping all that is evil by speaking of wondrous things. You are lovely, lovely.

Tory Davis said...

I love that you only speak poetry now, 'tis your native tongue.
And I miss you too! Ahh, escaping in the test kitchen, where all was warm and delicious and the Mean Girls dared not tread. Thank goodness we no longer linger with such fools, no?
It is cool and breezy today, with bright sun and the occasional feathered cloud. I miss you too... come have some sunshine!

M. C. Valada said...

Oh, Tory, what a delightful photograph of Greek food. I doubt that I mentioned, as we gamed at J. Keith's on Friday, that I went to Italy to take a workshop in food photography more than 20 years ago. I want to join your cooking club! I'm going to link to your blog from mine.

Tory Davis said...

Oh my goodness, all this positive regard! I can barely take it :)
Thank you for the praise (especially coming from a photographer, I'm so flattered!), both here and on your blog.
Italy for food photography? Good gravy, sign me up!