Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What a Cook Wants, 1

Dear readers. After last year's Hiatus of Despair, I'm back with a great series of gifts for the cook in your life. Buckle up! I'll post fabulous ideas every day.

Great Pot for Less
Did I say Pot? I meant Pots. Hee hee. (Sorry. Too much time in California, I can't resist the weed jokes.)
Anyway, both Le Creuset and Staub offer a great, recession-friendly deal on two fabulous pots. For this price, you'd think they fell off a truck.

Le Creuset
1) Le Creuset is offering a 3 1/2-qt. wide oval French oven for a mere $129.95. That is peanuts in the world of Le Creuset. They're made in France, which means there's serious quality control and the workers are paid an actual living wage. When I got my first Le Creuset pot I thought, "This is pretty, but why the hype?" Now I reach for those first, every time.
2) Staub is also a line of French, cast iron enameled pots and pans. For the holidays they're offering a 4-qt. Round Wide Cocotte for $129.95, also an incredible bargain. The amazing thing about enameled cast iron is that it's nearly non-stick, but without the terrible Teflon chemicals.

Either one will impress and delight the cook in your life, and probably guarantee the giver some lovely dinners in the new year. Bon appétit!


Unknown said...

For anyone who still needs convincing--I'm still using my Mom's circa 1960 enameled cast iron pots! They are still 100% non-stick (even after a blaze that required a fire extinguisher--just wiped right off & good as new!). Pick a color you really like as you will have it forever.

Tory Davis said...

I love it! I hope I should be so lucky to get to hand mine down to my children :)