Monday, February 05, 2007

Ingredients for Dinner

Ask anyone who lives by herself, it's hard to motivate to cook on a weeknight. Heck, it was a challenge when I lived with a partner, but now? Forgeddaboudit. Many nights my dinner ends up being a series of ingredients because I can't quite turn on the stove. Half a red pepper, a slice of olive bread, some turkey pastrami, swiss cheese and grapefruit juice could've been an interesting grilled panini (with a glass of juice). But as I wander around, talk on the phone, pay bills and read, the magical synthesis of ingredients and technique gets lost when the separate parts zip down the hatch.

And dear reader, given that we are only as sick as our secrets, I thought I'd share my trashiest 'Ingredients for Dinner' ever. This evening a series of depressing events conspired to make me completely unable to cook. This is what I dared to call dinner. Look: It was a tragic combination of leftover Super Bowl junk food and a roasted chicken from CostCo.

Well, I feel better getting that out in the open. Now you know my terrible secret... I hope you'll still talk to me in the morning.

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